AP | Change Email | 48 Skins |  Protocol 781-A | Champions 2021 | Reaver
AP | Change Email | 48 Skins | Protocol 781-A | Champions 2021 | Reaver
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Для смены Email необходимо написать в чат на сайте или администратору

To change Email, you need to write to the chat on the site or to the administrator

Скины  [48]:

Hush Ghost, Death Wish Sheriff, Jigsaw Ares, Jigsaw Judge, Monarch Frenzy, Protocol 781-A Phantom Level 4, Monarch Marshal, Jigsaw Ghost, Lightwave Sheriff, Songsteel Marshal, Reaver Vandal Level 4, Lightwave Phantom, Protocol 781-A Phantom Level 5 - Localized voice-over may differ in your region, K/TAC Sheriff, K/TAC Bulldog, Jigsaw Guardian, Depths Vandal, Lightwave Frenzy, Songsteel, Depths Bulldog, Depths Ghost, Champions 2021 Vandal Level 4 - Aura is active only when player has the most kills in the game, Champions 2021 Vandal, K/TAC Operator, Swooping Frenzy, Songsteel Guardian, Protocol 781-A Phantom, Velocity Shorty, Champions 2021 Vandal Level 3, FIRE/arm Classic, Lightwave Odin, Reaver Vandal Level 3, K/TAC Blade, Monarch Bucky, Soul Silencer Ghost, Final Chamber Classic, Protocol 781-A Phantom Level 2, Game Over Sheriff, Protocol 781-A Phantom Level 3, Champions 2021 Vandal Level 2, Aero Frenzy, Depths Stinger, Reaver Vandal, Lightwave Bucky, Songsteel Classic, Monarch Shorty, Reaver Vandal Level 2, K/TAC Vandal

Агенты [14]:

Skye, Chamber, Omen, Viper, Neon, Killjoy, Fade, Breach, Cypher, Reyna, Raze, Yoru, KAY/O, Astra