• How to buy a Valorant account on the site?
    You can read a detailed guide here - How to buy a valorant account
  • I bought a Valorant account, but the data is not suitable, what should I do?
    Do not worry, you need to write to the technical support of our website, providing the order number, purchase video and account login, after that our technical specialist will send you a new product.
  • Do I need to shoot a video of buying a valorant account in the store?
    Oh sure! Otherwise, it will not be realistic to prove that the data from the account did not fit, or there was another problem. We can only help you if you provide a video of the purchase and account verification!
  • How to change mail on valorant account?
    You can read a detailed guide on changing valorant mail here -Change of mail
  • How to get Valorant account details after purchase?
    After a successful payment, you will be prompted to download the data from your account, as well as they will be duplicated to the specified Email when paying.
  • What to do if the purchased account did not come?
    You need to contact the technical support chat and send the order number, or indicate your payment method.
  • How can I contact us if I have a problem?
    In the right - bottom part of the site there is a Support button, where they will help you with all your questions. Or you can write to us at support@valorant.sale