1.Terms and Definitions:

1.1. In this Terms of Service agreement, the following terms have the meaning declared below, unless the opposite is stated:
«Valorant», «Valorant game» — competitive tactical shooter by Riot Games;
«Valorant account» — a product that exists in the form of digital data, that is provided to the user after it is purchased;
«User» — an individual that has accepted an agreement with VALORANT.SALE;
«Agreement» — the following Terms of Service agreement;
«Sides» — VALORANT.SALE and the user;

1.2. Any other term or definition in the text of this agreement is interpreted by the sides by the standard rules of the term interpretation. 
1.3. The header names in this agreement are meant exclusively for the convenience of using the agreement's text. They do not have any legal significance. 

2.    Acceptance of the Agreement

2.1. This agreement's text, which is always available on the internet and can be accessed from the following link, contains every significant condition of the agreement and is an offer extended by VALORANT.SALE to any legally capable individual using this website to accept an agreement on the terms described in the agreement's text.
2.2. In the event of making a purchase, the user accepts the Terms of service agreement automatically.

3.    The shop's terms of service:

3.1. The item, once purchased by the user, can not be refunded or replaced. After the purchase, you become the owner of the product;
3.2. The guarantee on all the products extends until the moment of the user receiving the product, In cases of data loss, hacking, or blocking no refunds or replacements will be provided,
3.3. While buying a random account, the user can receive either an account with full access (email + the game) or an account with access to the game only.
3.4. No information is provided about the email access on a random account;
3.5. The user is obligated to make a video documenting the purchase and the following check of the account in the launcher or on the playvalorant website. Without a video the replacement of the item will be denied;
3.6.The site's administration will never contact you through any third-party service or social network. The dialogue between the user and the administration happens exclusively on the tech support page.
3.7. if the server is not specified on the individual account, any server can be received.
3.8. The skin count includes skins open on every level. Example: Vandal Prime with 4 open levels is counted for 4 skins. 

4.  It is prohibited for the user to (punished by a VALORANT.SALE account ban):

4.1. Insult the administration or the VALORANT.SALE shop;
4.2. Evade the technical limitations of the site;
4.3. Research the technology of, decompile, or disassemble the site, create the copies of the website or its visual design.
4.4. Take any action directed towards the change in the site's functionality and the way it works;

5.    Personal data:

5.1.  The user gives their consent to the processing of their personal date (including any personal data, provided by the site usage) by VALORANT.SALE;
5.2. Personal data processing means recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, modification), extraction, usage, transfer (distribution, provision, access), including transborder transfer, anonymization, blocking, removal, destruction of the personal data, that does not fall under any special categories, for which the written consent is required;
5.3. User gives their agreement to receive promotional materials from VALORANT.SALE through email and push-notifications;

6. Limitation of liability:

6.1. VALORANT.SALE is not liable for any financial losses, that are the consequences of the third-party's misconduct, including the losses associated with the unauthorized access to the game profile;
6.2. Hardware and software errors, whether on the side of VALORANT.SALE, or on the side of the user, that led to the inability to access the site, are considered to be force majeure circumstances and VALORANT.SALE can not be held liable for the failure to perform their agreement obligations.

7. Changes in the terms of service:

7.1. VALORANT.SALE is permitted to unilaterally change the terms of service. New terms of service come into force once they are published and can be accessed from the link;
7.2. If the user disagrees with the site's new terms of service, they have to stop using the website. If the user continues to use any function of the site, they automatically accept the new terms and conditions.

8. Contact information: